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StrapDiva is the brilliant invention of Christine Nguyen. Christine is a California fashion guru who decided she was fed up dealing with purse straps that were always falling off her shoulders. After one too many trips through a busy airport trying to juggle a cup of coffee and luggage with her purse straps down around her elbows, Christine decided to find a solution to end purse strap slippage. At first, she shopped around for handbag accessories that would do the trick, but found nothing suitable. That’s when Christine decided to make her own handbag accessory.

Christine wanted to create a product that would look fashionable, yet be durable enough to stand up to daily use. After much research and product testing, the final result was StrapDiva. Christine’s strong fashion sense led her to design StrapDiva in a range of six colors to go with practically any outfit or handbag. Pair StrapDiva with your favorite everyday handbag, or your fave must-have designer tote. It is a purse accessory that looks perfectly in place on any type of bag that has shoulder straps.

StrapDiva is the ultimate handbag accessory for anyone who carries a purse on their shoulder. It will keep purse straps from slipping off your shoulder and you will look smart and stylish at the same time!

Social Responsibility

StrapDiva is proudly made and packaged in the USA. We support local businesses and organizations. StrapDiva donates a percentage of the proceeds from sales to various groups, charities and organizations.

With our secure online shopping, guaranteed delivery, and 30-day hassle free returns, buying from StrapDiva is easy and risk-free.




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